Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Blog

So here I sit, learning how to blog.  I just wanted to make a few little dresses for my sweet little neice Ali and now I have a full blown Dress Operation as my hubby says.  I am loving the dress making business.  Little Ali was my very first model and one day, I will post a pic of that precious little thing but for now, I will post a pic of a set of 3 dresses that I have made for sisters.  3month, 18 month and 6 years.  They are one of my favorite sets that I have made.  That is the set above.  Mom seemed really pleased about them.  I have made so many more and I will post those eventually.  For now, I am almost caught up on orders and going to start on extras for our Reunion Days here in June.    If you would like to purchase one, they come in size 3 months to girls 14.  Sometimes I can make an adult one if I have measurements to go by but I prefer to make little girl dresses.  I did make a mom and two daughters for Easter.  So if you would like to buy one, they are $18 plus shipping if I have to ship.  Usually just a couple dollars for shipping though. 
This is the 3 month old one up close.  I am attempting to start making bloomers or diaper covers or whatever you prefer to call them.  I am really excited about this blogging thing.  Thank you to my friend Lexi that has inspired me to blog.  She has got it going on in the crafts department.  If you would like to visit her blog look for it under SexyLexisKoolKrafts.  She has some awesome stuff she has done on there. 
On another note, here is a pic of my hubby and I and one of my pride and joy, Brutus the obese Yorkie.  He isn't actually obese, he is just a big Yorkie.  10 lbs to be exact.  He is my baby boy and he doesn't let me get too far out of his   We also have an Akita named Sassy who is our guard dog.  Her and Brutus like to go off on what we call Big Dog/Little Dog adventures.  Sometimes, the vet has to get involved in their adventures so we try to keep an eye on them when they are outside.  My hubby and I will have been married 8 years this year in December.  Its been a journey but one I wouldnt trade for anything.  I love him very much.  Well, guess thats about all I have to say tonight.  Hope you enjoy my blog and my dresses. 

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  1. AH thanks Chandel! I love you! I will link your blog up on my page so others can see it too! On Tuesday go to and link up to "Tip me Tuesday" and on WEdnesday and link up on "whatever goes wednesday" and Thursday and it is called "Thrifty Thursday"

    I try to link up a different project each week. I know there are so many more "link parties" and when I find more, I will let u know!