Friday, June 3, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So here we go on another adventure, hopefully one that will be saving me lots of money.  I have seen the show on TLC and thot, if they can do it so can I.  Little did I know, several of my friends are doing it.  Yesterday, I went to the local Wally World and bought my binder, sleeves, tabs, calculator, pen and an ALL YOU magazine.  I have liked this mag for a while but never paid much attention to the coupons.  I will be clipping several out.  Actually, I am clipping all of them because I am also making dear sissy a binder to go with mine.  Mines pink, hers purple.  Got to be fashionable if we are going to be spending hours in a grocery store.  So now my facebook is blown up with all kinds of coupon clippers posting coupon links, also have started a swagbucks account.  You earn swagbucks by doing certain stuff.  Today I have already earned 88 swagbucks.  A few more and I can cash in for an Amazon gift card!!!  WooHoo!!!!   I love AMAZON.  So here is a couple links from my sweet friends that are helping me start my coupon adventure.   and    If you go to the save the coupons site, you can enter to win a binder FULL, I said FULLLL of coupons.  Just make sure you put me down as who referred you, I get another chance in the drawing if you do.  Homeland is the closest store to me that doubles coupons etc. so I have tentatively planned a trip Monday or Tuesday and the best part.....the have a 3 day sale going on that ends tuesday.  Now that thats out of the way, onto the rest of my life.  Got our storage building delivered yesterday.  Hubby and Kiddos are supposed to clean out the farm house then when I wake up tomorrow I will clean it for the arrival of my Father in Law from Texas.  He is pushing 70 and health is bad.  His nickname since I met him has been Grumpy Old Fart and believe me, he is living up to his name lately.  Actually, his health is bad and all his kids are living here in OK so it just makes sense for him to move here.  We were fortunate enough to have a 2nd house for him to move into. 
Brutus is doing great.  He has his own facebook page so if your not his friend, you need to be.  He gives his perspective of the happening on the farm.  I haven't gotten any new dresses made this past week.  Had to remake the Watermelon Queen and the Pink and Green John Deer one.  Delievered those and had another happy customer.  Now I still have the size 6-7 available in both of those if your interested.  $18 plus Shipping if I have to ship.  Well, guess I better get off here and finish my coupon binders.  Tootles folks!

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